1. Good morning, how are you?
  2. Can you speak English?
  3. Why are you here today? How old are you?
  4. What’s purpose of your trip?
  5. Are you a student now? Or working? What are you doing?
  6. Can I borrow your school report?
  7. Did you graduate from the high school?
  8. Did you take the University entrance examination? Which University did you take the exam?
  9. Which major are you studying? What will you do after study this major?
  10. How many marks did you get total? Do you pass the exam?
  11. On which date did you take the exam?
  12. Which major did you entrance at the exam?
  13. How many years will you study there? Which year are you studying?
  14. What will you study in the US?
  15. Why don’t you continue study in Vietnam’s University but you go to America to study?
  16. Which year did you graduate? What program did you graduate in Vietnam?
  17. How many years have you studies?
  18. How many subject I credit had you got?
  19. Why do you want to study in the US?
  20. Why don’t you choose any other country to study?
  21. Do you have any family in the US? Why don’t you live with your relative to save the money?
  22. Who will you live with in the US?
  23. What’s your study plan in the US?
  24. Why do you choose this major?
  25. What do your parents do?
  26. How much can they earn a month?
  27. Do your family have any car? What brand is your family’s car?
  28. Do your parents rent any employees? How many employees do your parents have?
  29. Have you/your parents ever been abroad?
  30. How do you know this school?
  31. Where will you study in the US?
  32. How can you receive the I-20 form?
  33. Why do you choose this school to study?
  34. What is the address and website of this school?
  35. Who did you contact with to get the I-20 form?
  36. What is his/her position in this school?
  37. How much the tuition fee a year?
  38. How long have you studied there?
  39. What will you do after finishing your study in America?
  40. Is this transcript your, right?
  41. What do you eat this morning? What do you come here by?
  42. What University will you transfer after finish College?
  43. Besides this school do you know any other school?
  44. What will you do is I said that you are not qualified for a Visa?
  45. How long does your course take?
  46. What will your school start?
  47. Can you live independent in the US?
  48. What level of English is your school require?
  49. Why should I give you a Visa?
  50. Do you get difficulties when live in the US?
  51. What will you do if your parents ran out of money and could not afford your study well?
  52. What would you do if you really miss your parents?
  53. What do you know about the US?
  54. There are many people studying BA now. How so sure that you will earn a lot of money?
  55. Do you learn by heart?
  56. How do you know Washington University?
  57. Do you intend to look for a job when you study in the US?
  58. What do you know about BA?
  59. Are you afraid of studying abroad and living alone?
  60. Do you have any international certificates such as: TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC?
  61. What do you know about Washington State?  

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